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Weight Loss Success Stories – 2 Stone In 3 Months

weight loss success stories

One of the best weight loss success stories has to be the one about the mum of two who lost 2 stone in 90 days and landed herself a modeling contract with a US talent agency. 

The Irish Mirror wrote a story on it this month (January 2014) and i think it might just give you some well needed inspiration.

When Rosie Grech gave birth to her first child who is now 2, she seemed to have no problem getting back into shape.

However after the birth of her second child who is now 8 months, she struggled to lose the 2 stone she gained during the pregnancy, which is something i am sure most of you can associate with.

She found it hard to make time to exercise and eat the way she knew she should.  She was 10st 5lb and deeply unhappy considering this was the heaviest she had ever been. Her confidence just disappeared.

body vi 90 day challengeOne day her husband came home with a leaflet about a slimming challenge called The Body VI 90 Day Challenge as well as a sample of the shake that would be used in the diet challenge.  

She took it as a sign that it was seriously time to do something about this weight. Her little boy was already 3 months and she felt ready to make the change.  

As this challenge didn’t involve going to the gym it fit perfectly into her busy life. She set her goal to lose at 2 stone within the 90 days.

At day 45 is was looking like it was gonna be a great weight loss success story, she had lost just over a stone which she was thrilled with. Seeing this great result give her the encouragement to add a little exercise into her life and because of this by day 90 she had actually reached her goal and lost 2 stone. 

She was elated, she felt it was like a dream come true and to top it all off she was actually named the UKs winner of the Body VI 90 day challenge. This great change in her figure resulted in her being signed by Silver Model Management which has provided models to big companies like Nike, L’Oreal and Holister.

weight loss success stories with yacon syrup

Basically Rosie hopes that her story will inspire other mums and make them realize that they can change their weight if they stay determined and maybe get a little help.

Another of our weight loss success stories would have to be about Elizabeth Lopez who sent her picture in and her story to share with others the success she had with using The Yacon Diet as an aid to her weight loss success. 

She lost over 3 stone in just over 3 months and is still dropping the pounds each week. You can read her full story on our review of the Yacon Diet.

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